DEI - Heat Shroud GOLD™

Product no.: DEI - Heat Shroud GOLD
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Heat Shroud GOLD™ solves the problem of heat and abrasions causing failure of lines, hoses and wires without the need to disconnect them.

High temperature Metalized Polyimide lamination, bonded to a robust 20oz heat treated glass fiber base material, Heat Shroud GOLD will protect and keep components cool in the most demanding applications. Able to reflect radiant heat up to 800°F makes Heat Shroud GOLD the perfect choice to keep critical lines cool and protected. The added convenience of hook & loop closure eliminates the need of removing one end of connected wires, cables and hoses to install.

  • Fits 1/2" to 1-1/4" diameter x 36" length (12,7mm to 31,75mm x 91,44cm length)
  • 20oz. heat treated base glass
  • Metalized Polyimide lamination
  • Base glass rated to 1100°F
  • High temperature hook & loop
Radiant Heat Resistance:

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Product no. Size Status Price
010458 12,7mm - 31,75mm (0.5" - 1.25") x length 91,44cm (3ft)
53.00 €
010924 50,8mm - 63,5mm (2,0" - 2,5") x Pituus 914mm (36")
85.00 €

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