Turbosmart - OPR V2 Turbo Oil Pressure Regulator

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Patent pending OPR is an oil pressure regulation system for turbochargers. It helps prevent compressor or turbine stage oil leaking/smoking and takes the guesswork out of oil restrictor sizing for more efficient and effective oil delivery. The OPR ensures the oil pressure going to the turbocharger never exceeds 40-50psi, regardless of engine oil pressure. A true plug and play setup for oil feed to turbochargers, additional restrictors not required.
• -4 AN ORB port fittings
• 1/8” NPT gauge port for data logging
• Suitable for all oils
• Directional inlet feed logic
• Non-adjustable, set and forget

Mechanical Data
Control diameter-3mm
Filter Mesh Size--44 Micron
Safe working pressure max.-1100 kPag / 160 psi / 11 bar
Outlet Pressure-275-344kPag / 40-50 psi / 2.7 -3.4 bar
Actuator life->10000k cycles @ 180ºC ambient
Piston pressure bias-1:1

Inlet: 1x -4 AN
Outlet: 1x -4 AN
Gauge: 1x 1/8” NPT
Thermal Data
Min. Operating Temperature -    -30ºC
Max. Operating Temperature -   150ºC @ 30 Minutes
Material Data - Beryllium (Be) 0%
Main body - 6262 T6 anodised Al.
Valve - 6262 T6 anodised Al.
Range 2 Zinc Plated
304 SS mesh
Order Data
Refer to catalogue for accessories
TS-0402-2023 Turbosmart OPR Turbo Oil Pressure Regulator
0-100psi Liquid Filled Gauge
TS-0801-3002 TS OPR V2 Billet Bracket
TS OPR V2 Rebuild Kit Inc Filter 44um
TS-0804-3002 TS Turbo Oil Filter Element Replacement 44 micron
Turbosmart OPR Turbo Oil Pressure Regulator
Oil Pressure Regulator /OPR

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