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The Nuke Performance Remote quick lock filler cap for 50mm (2") fuel filler hose, for all motorsports, and aftermarket fuel cells.
Featuring a lightweight design, quick lock mechanism, and a 5-bolt pattern, this filler cap is the ultimate solution for easy, secure installation on your aftermarket fuel cell or Nuke Performance CFC Units. With just a 90-degree turn, you can lock and unlock the cap with ease.

 Quick lock filler cap, with a 90-degree lock mechanism
 50mm (2") anti-static nylon fuel filler hose
 Extremely lightweight and flexible fuel filler hose
 Universal fitment for your motorsports build
 Safe for all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels
 Kit fits straight onto a CFC Unit equipped fuel cell

Simplify your CFC Unit fuel-filling process with the Nuke Performance Filler cap and fuel hose kit for CFC Units. With its 5-bolt pattern and easy-to-use mounting accessories, installation is a breeze. This filler cap is compatible with standard gas station nozzles and fuel jug filler hoses, and it's safe for use with all types of fuels, including E85 and other alcoholic fuels. Thanks to the Viton seals and gaskets, you can trust that it will hold up to even the most demanding conditions.


 A filler cap with a true quick-lock mechanism that takes not more than a 90-degree turn to lock the filler cap into place.
The Nuke Performance Remote quick lock filler cap is a piece of art, and we promise you that you will get addicted, opening and closing this aluminum masterpiece will blow your mind. With its easy 90-degree turn quick-lock mechanism, you can unlock and lock the cap with ease, making it perfect for motorsports applications where a remote filler solution is needed. It features a barb connection that fits onto the 50mm (2") fuel filler hose.

 Safe for all types of fuel, including alcoholic fuels
 The barb connection fits onto a 50mm (2") fuel hose

Not only is this filler cap extremely convenient to use, but it's also built to last. It's safe for use with all types of fuels, including ethanol and methanol, and its durable construction means you can count on it to perform in even the most demanding conditions.


 The Nuke Performance Fuel Filler Hose Kit is the perfect solution for all of your fuel-filling needs. Its anti-static corrugated design allows for maximum flexibility.
Thanks to the fuel-filling hose's lightweight construction, an 80% weight savings in comparison to commonly used aftermarket 50mm (2") fill hoses is achieved, which means it won´t add unnecessary weight to your vehicle, making it ideal for motorsports applications.

 Extremely flexible thanks to its corrugated design
 Very lightweight, with up to 80% weight savings
 Anti-static nylon hose and Viton bushings

The Nuke Performance fuel filler hose is also highly durable, able to handle all types of fuels including E85 and other alcoholic fuels, even during long time periods. It is perfect for use with aftermarket fuel cells such as ATL, Pyrotect, AluCell, Fuel Safe and others, and can easily connect to a remote fill neck or OEM filler cap. Whether you're using it in motorsports or just need a reliable and flexible fuel transfer hose for your vehicle, this hose has you covered.


 Experience the ultimate fuel-filling convenience with our flexible, and lightweight fuel-filling hose kit.
The Nuke Performance Filler cap and fuel hose kit for CFC Units is designed with convenience in mind. Delivered with the Fuel Filler Hose Kit, 90cm (3ft) with a corrugated design that allows it to bend and move easily, making it extremely easy to work with. Our fuel hose is easy to work with and significantly lighter than other options, weighing in at almost 80% less than other commonly used hoses on the market. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, the Nuke Performance fuel filler hose is perfect for you. Effortlessly route your fuel filler hose for motorsports setup with the combination of the Nuke Performance CFC Unit, and Remote Quick Lock Filler Cap.


 Delivered with everything you need to get a remote filler cap solution for your fuel cell that is equipped with a CFC Unit.
The Filler cap and fuel hose kit from Nuke Performance fits straight onto the Nuke Performance CFC Units, but can also be used for any other fuel cell installation that requires a 50mm (2") filler hose. The kit comes with everything you need including the remote fill adapter for the CFC Unit´s filler neck and the selected bracket for the filler cap. The fuel hose comes with Viton bushings and stainless steel hose clamps for a clean, safe, and easy installation.

 For more information about the included parts, learn more here:
 Remote quick lock filler cap : 150-30-101
 Fuel filler hose kit, 90cm (3ft) : 150-31-201
 Remote mount fill neck for the CFC Unit : 150-05-202
 Steel mounting bracket with M6 bolts : 150-30-113
 Aluminum nut ring with M6 bolts : 150-30-112


 Designed and developed in Sweden, guaranteeing the highest possible finish and quality.
Developed and designed in Sweden, in-house by Nuke Performance. The Remote Quick Lock Filler Cap and the Fuel Filler Hose 90cm (3 feet) is of the highest possible quality and with the same hallmark as all the other lightweight motorsports products from Nuke Performance. The parts from Nuke Performance are co-developed with worldwide motorsports teams, making sure that functionality, as well as the design, meets the absolute highest standards, or even making its own standard.
Order your remote quick lock filler solution today and experience the convenience and safety of our innovative fuel filler system.

There is no substitute for the quality of Nuke Performance.

 Remote Quick Lock Filler Cap Specifications:
For more information about specifications, view the product page.
 Barb connection     50,0 mm (2.0")
 Barb length     25mm (0.98")
 Bolt pattern     PCD 5x60mm (2.36") / BCD 96mm (3.77")
 Bolt dimensions     M6 (not included)
 Included gasket     YES, Viton gasket
 Included wire     YES, Stainless steel wire with heat shrink
 Outer diameter     110.5mm (4.35 ")
 Height over panel     12.0mm (0.47 ")
 Totalt depth     64.0 mm (2.51 ")
 Weight     366 g (0.80 lb)
 For motorsports use     YES
 Fuel compatibility     Petrol, Ethanol, Methanol, Race fuel, Diesel
 Part #     150-30-101
 EAN     7340209505436


 Fuel Filler Hose Kit, 90cm (3 feet) Specifications:
For more information about specifications, view the product manual.
 Hose internal diameter     54.0 mm (2.13")
 Bushing internal diameter     50.0 mm (2.0")
 Collar length     29.0 mm (1.14")
 Bushing length     22.8 mm (0.89")
 Hose length (total)     915.5 mm (3 feet)
 Weight (ex. accessories)     213 g (0.47 lb)
 Weight (incl. accessories)     289 g (0.64 lb)
 Hose material     Nylon (anti-static)
 Bushing material     Viton (x2 included)
 Fuel compatibility     Petrol, Ethanol, Methanol, Race fuel, Diesel
 For motorsports use     YES
 Cut to length     YES
 Part #     150-31-201
 EAN     7340209505887


 Nuke Performance Filler cap and fuel hose kit include:
1 x Filler cap body with barb connection for 50mm (2") hose
1 x Sealed and spring-loaded quick-locking filler cap
1 x Safety wire kit for M6 application
1 x Viton gasket, safe for all types of fuel
1 x Nylon corrugated fuel filler hose (90cm / 3ft)
2 x Viton bushings with an internal diameter of 50mm (2")
2 x Stainless steel hose clamps
1 x POM clamp insert (used if the hose is cut into length)
5 x K6S M6x12 stainless steel bolts
1 x Steel bracket or aluminum nut ring *
1 x Remote mount fill neck for the CFC Unit, for 50mm (2") hose
* depends on the selected option of bracket or nut ring

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