DEI - Heat Sheath GOLD™

Tuotenro: DEI - Heat Sheath GOLD™
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Heat Sheath GOLD™ solves the problem of heat and abrasions causing failure of lines, hoses & wires.

DEI Heat Sheath GOLD is manufactured from our high temperature metalized polyimide lamination, bonded to a robust 20oz. heat treated glass fiber base material, the DEI line of GOLD™ sleeving will protect and keep components cool in the most demanding applications. Able to reflect radiant heat up to 800°F makes DEI GOLD line sleeving the perfect choice to keep critical lines, air intakes and hoses cool and protected.

  • 1.25" diameter x 36" length (31,75mm x 91,44cm length)

  • 20oz. heat treated base glass

  • Metalized Polyimide lamination

  • Base glass rated to 1100°F

*DO NOT apply directly to exhaust components.

Radiant Heat Resistance:


Valinta: DEI - Heat Sheath GOLD™

Tuotenro Koko Tila Hinta
10916 12,7mm x 914mm (1/2" x 36")
25,00 €
10914 19,05mm x 914mm (3/4" x 36")
31,00 €
10917 25,4mm x 914mm (1" x 36")
35,00 €
10915 31,75mm x 914mm (1,25" x 36")
41,20 €

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